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TU Delft Grants Guide

Welcome to the TU Delft Grants Guide!

By reading the FAQs below you can find out which grant or mobility funding you may be eligible for if you want to go abroad.   

The grants/mobility funding in the Grants Guide are intended for regular TU Delft students. You are a regular TU Delft student if you are registered with TU Delft during your stay abroad and intend to graduate at TU Delft.
Exchange students and free-mover students are NOT regarded as regular students.


For all grants and funds the following rules apply:

  • Applications must be submitted before the start of your (study) project/internship.
  • It is not possible to submit an application after you have started your (study) project/internship.
  • You may be considered once for each grant/funding.
  • For any given foreign stay you may only apply for one grant/funding.
  • Internships or study project in the country of origin are not eligible for grants/funds.
  • You have registered your foreign stay in OSIRIS (at least 14 days for departure), automatically be eligible for the free collective travel insurance of the TU Delft. Information on how to arrange this and the insurance conditions can be found on the website
  • For bachelorstudents: you have to have obtained your propaedeutics.
  • You are and stay registered with TU Delft during your stay abroad.
  • Your foreign stay has to be credited with European Credits.
  • During your foreign stay you are not allowed to have political/commercial activities and/or portray behaviour that can damage TU Delft's image.


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